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Motiva Implants® is designed for modern and active women. Through years of study and experiment by Establishment Labs with 30 years of experience in breast implant manufacturing and available in more than 60 countries, we are glad to say that the efforts being put into this new creation have been paid off.

100% Rebate for a
5 year warranty extension!

In celebration of Motiva Implant’s latest historic achievement who has become the first company headquartered in Costa Rica to be listed in the US stock market, Motivasea will be offering a full rebate for a 5 year extended warranty for our lovely babes from overseas who will be doing their Breast Augmentation here in Singapore!

Worth up to USD $200!

5 Year Motiva Warranty Program Includes


Singapore has become a place where foreigners seek overseas medical care for a fraction of what it cost back home. “Medical tourists” are visitors that comes to countries such as Thailand and Singapore for various medical procedures and tests, on top of that, they are here to unwind as well for a price that is often considerably lesser than what they paid for in their country. People from all over the world travel to Singapore for ultrasound tests, Lasik surgery, barium stomach X-rays and sex change operations. M.R.I.s are costing as low as $190 while full body checks cost at an estimated price of $250. Many medical tourists came here for cosmetic surgery. Simon Parker wrote in the Asia Times, “Singapore has one of the most advanced healthcare sectors in the Asian region. It is backed by the government's investment in the sector, which in the year 2004 was an estimated 5.9 percent of total government expenditure. Recurrent health expenditure topped about S$1.61 billion (US$950 million) in the same year, while development health spending touched S$97 million.

Efficient country in World Healthcare System by World Health Care in 2000.



Healthcare Efficiency by a Bloomberg Global Study


Medical Tourists in Singapore since 2010 - 2011

Meet Our Exclusive Selected Plastic Surgeons

Dr Martin Huang From MH Plastic Surgery
28 Years’ of Experience
Dr Shens From Shens Clinic
16 Years’ Of Experience
Dr Karen Sng From The Plastic Surgery Practice
18 Years’ Of Experience
Dr Evan Woo From Evan Woo Breast & Plastic Surgery
16 Years’ Of Experience


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