Motiva Hybrid Breast Augmentation

Understanding Motiva Hybrid The Pursuit Of A Softer Touch

Composite breast augmentation and the Motiva Hybrid…is it just a sexier name?

Apparently not!

Composite breast augmentation was developed due to the imperfections faced by surgeons who did breast augmentations with implants alone. There were
situations they could not handle, namely:

  • Mild asymmetrical breasts

  • Patients with scoliosis and bony asymmetry giving rise to differences in projection and upper pole fullness

  • Wider cleavage in very thin patients

  • Patients who had previous breast lump resections with obvious contour irregularities

  • Patients with previous filler infections and surgical scarring

Benefits of Motiva Hybrid Breast Augmentation

Motiva Breast Implants

  • Natural and soft implants

PureGraft Fat Transfer

  • Natural shape and texture

  • Possible to get partial liposuction at the same time

Breast Augmentation

  • Natural shape and feel covered with own fat

  • Achieve same breast volume result with smaller implant plus fats

  • Natural Movement

What else were we missing?

Why do woman still prefer fat grafting to breast augmentation?
Because if feels more soft? Because they do not want such a big implant?

How then do we up the ante?

The answer lies in the creation of a Motiva Hybrid. If you ask yourself whether it is now possible to have an even softer feel to the breast and a fuller cleavage as well, we could not combine the use of both implants and fat grafting to the breasts. This can now be done precisely by combining a smaller size implant and fat grafting to the breasts to achieve a bigger bust size predictably by using algorithms which calculate the amount of fat resorption.

A software has been developed together with “Crisalix” which now calculates the volume of breast fat grafting needed to achieve a particular size of breast volume in combination with implants. Crisalix is a 3D Imagine software to render the results of your desired breast implant volume.

The procedure does take approximately 30 minutes longer than a usual breast augmentation procedure. This allows the surgeon the ability to create breasts with better projection (achieved by implants) and a softer feel (surrounded by fat grafts). The best of both worlds is now possible along with the ability to correct minor asymmetries between breasts in woman nowadays. The possibilities now seem endless.

The survival of fat grafts is now enhanced by the use of PureGraft(TM). This device has commercially proven that it is not possible to perform fat grafting in a more reliable fashion with a higher survival of the grafted fat, to the tune of 70% survival of the grafted fat. The procedure lies in the technology that was made possible by a high end filter incorporated in a closed loop. The harvested fat is introduced into the PureGraft bag. The purified fat is then reintroduced into areas of the breast.

The final result is the creation of the desired full volume of breasts desired by using a smaller volume of implant that was measured and substituting it with some fats.!