MotivaImagine Center: A Different and Personalized Experience for your Breast Augmentation Journey

With over 30 years of experience in breast implant manufacturing, Establishment Labs focuses on constant innovation that results in safety and effectiveness. Establishment Labs has gone through years of breast research and development to create a product line that meets the needs of surgeons and patients, introducing new innovative technology designed for achieving breast aesthetics.

This technology has been released to countries in Europe, Asia, and the US, and it is proven safe and effective by plastic surgeons across the world in the medical field. We are excited to announce that Singapore’s first MotivaImagine Center has arrived and it is located in the heart of Singapore at MH Plastic Surgery.

Dr Martin Huang being a certified and accredited plastic surgeon, is one of the early Motiva users in Singapore to perform breast augmentation procedures with Motiva Implants. He is the first surgeon in Singapore to offer this feature to prospective patients who are looking to perform breast enhancement surgery. The MotivaImagine Center is located at his clinic in Orchard Paragon.

Introducing MotivaImagine Center (MIC)

MotivaImagine Center is a one-stop station with the next generation Divina 3D imaging system dedicated to enhance your breast augmentation journey. Establishment Labs utilizes 3D consultation tools to create a productive surgical journey for every patient who desires to undergo breast augmentation surgery. MotivaImagine Center seeks to give patients a pleasing experience throughout the whole process. The Center offers a memorable experience for patients from the start of consultation to surgery.

Guest Experiences in MotivaImagine Center

MotivaImagine Center’s main goal is to provide holistic wellness for the guest. An expressive architecture combined with personalised service is designed for both inspiration and harmony.

Furthermore, it is more than just a procedure. MotivaImagine can be considered as an interactive and customized journey where attention to detail is paramount, ranging from the innovative design elements to personalized service the centre provides. MotivaImagine is a journey of discovery where guests can explore the pleasure and empowerment from a breast enhancement surgery that comes with a change.

Benefits from Motiva Implants

Motiva does not fail to provide services that can meet the surgical expectations of the patients.

Here are the benefits that Motiva also provides:

  • Q Inside Safety Technology – allows surgeons to access the implant-specific data using a passive radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder non-invasively that gives patients peace of mind in the event of a safety issue or device recall.
  • MotivaImagine App – it is a downloadable app that allows patients to register their preferred surgical information that requires a private and secured global patient implant registry from the app. This validates device quality over time, and it also includes important details about warranties and technology.
  • MotivaImagine External Sizing System – Motiva Sizers are covered with a thin layer of polyurethane and filled with silicone gel to get the natural feel which will be used for trying purposes. This is not the exact way of how the patient is going to look after surgery but it can be a great help. These Sizers encompass the entire Motiva Implant Matrix.

Imaging Options

DIVINA is the next generation 3D scanner and simulation system. It provides customer’s needs with world-class design with 3D image capture technologies. The result is functional art for every aesthetic procedure.

It creates a clean contour with minimalist soft angles and curves. Every functional and aesthetic element is chosen during its production that aims to complete its performance and durability.

The 3D simulation platform consists of the following:

  • Intel RealSense – It uses an IR laser to capture millions of point cloud measurements and create a digital body cast in seconds.
  • Tissue Behavior Simulation (TBS) – It automatically defines skin elasticity, muscle and glandular tissue to enable simulations that react as the body does.
  • i3 (Intuitive Interface Intelligence) – It is a software that is easy to use and works in real time
  • Image Control – Divina is scientific and error-free. The patient views the result of her own 3D body cast and could have a definitive visual of what she might look like in post-surgery.
  • Automated Accurate Anatomical Measurements – It simplifies volumetric measurements and records clinical data for reference.

MotivaImagine Center is a great option for patients who desire to undergo breast enhancement since it provides complete tools and equipment need for their consultation and surgery. It does not only have these innovative devices but they assure to bring safe, quality, and effective outcome for their patients.